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Your ministry donations will help us to fulfill our commitment to the gospel as we continue to share the good news of the Kingdom, provide free newsletters to anyone who asks, distribute indepth teaching tapes and CDs, develop more Bible teaching courses and booklets, expand and finance this website, and offer free seminars and workshops to as many as the Lord God enables.

As One Ministries is committed to operating in integrity with our handling of all donations, materials, corespondences and prayer requests. If you should find cause to be unhappy with the manner in which he have handled anything as it relates to your encounter with us, please be sure to let us know so that we may have the opportunity to make amends as soon as possible.

It is our belief that the gospel should be as cost free as possible, and we pray that saints who share that vision will be moved by God to help us afford to follow that vision. For your support, encouragement and prayers, you have our love and God's eternal blessings. Time is SHORT!

Use this form to make donations. You can select to either make a one time donation or setup for recurring donations.

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Our Commitment: 
  • That one tenth of all donations received in a given month will go to our local covering church, New Covenant Christian Ministries;
  • That all funds received will be used strictly for the necessary equipment, supplying and advancement of As One Ministries;
  • That accurate banking records will be kept for all funds received;
  • That proper, accurate donation receipts will be issued electronically to the all who give ministry donations for their tax records;
  • That all funds received will be handled with the utmost integrity.

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To book Pastor Ron to speak at your event or ministry, you may contact him at:
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